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Gerald,Team Leader of the Hull Princes Avenue Street Angels writes:

I have often been asked the question ‘ What do I need to become a Street Angel?’

The simple answers are:

you must be over 18 ( we will need to organise DBS checks,they are Police checks)

Be able to work as part of an enthusiastic team of volunteers.

Be able to offer at least one Friday or Saturday night duty a month.

Be available to receive training (First Aid,Conflict Management,and more)

Be a good listener ,non judgemental and be able to demonstrate unconditional love to all we meet.

You dont have to belong to a Church,however having  a faith would be helpful.

Having a good sense of humour and a very thick skin!

……If you fit the bill,you are a superstar.¬† Please leave your details on our contact form and come out with the team for a trial evening.

If you are successful you will be given our Handbook listing our policies and proceedures and be asked to sign your agreement to work in accordance with them.